Imagine Dragons 'unable' to support Muse on their tour


Imagine Dragons

Las Vegas band Imagine Dragons admit they've turned down supporting Muse on tour because they "already have something lined up".

They recently scored a number two chart position with their debut album Night Visions.

Lead singer Dan Reynolds said: "Muse invited us on tour which we wish we could do." He admitted that even being asked was "mind boggling".

The US rock group also say they are huge fans of UK music.

"All our favourite bands are from over here (the UK)," said Reynolds. "So to be able to break here has just been huge to us."

Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons' breakthrough single It's Time has now been viewed more than 22 million times on YouTube.

They recently played a short UK tour and will play the NME/Radio 1 stage at this summer's Reading and Leeds festivals.

"UK festivals are legendary in America," said the band's guitarist Wayne Sermon.

Dan Reynolds added: "To be actually playing them this summer, I think we're a bunch of little boys on Christmas Eve we're just so excited."

They say they're particularly looking forward to experiencing a UK festival crowd.

"Mayhem is what we hear and we love that kind of scene," said Reynolds.

Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons recent success means they've now upgraded from two cars, to a modified airport bus, to a proper tour bus while travelling.

Reynolds is keen to point out though that they are definitely not in music for the money.

"If any musician nowadays wanted to get into music for monetary reasons I'd say they're stupid," he grinned.

"It's such a risky career choice and it's a difficult time to be a musician.

"We have just been lucky enough through working hard for four years and getting lucky to be in this position and we've met so many musicians along the road who deserve to be exactly where we are.

"Our goal is just not to take a day for granted, soak everything in, every single festival, every single show."

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