HMV saved: Music fans and employees give their verdict


HMV employee Jane Carter

Restructuring specialists Hilco have done a deal to rescue music and film retailer HMV.

The company has been in administration since the beginning of 2013 after problems in the face of online competition.

Hilco has acquired 132 HMV shops, in a deal that could secure 2,500 jobs.

HMV's central Manchester store, the third largest in the country, had been earmarked for closure but will now stay open.

The employee: Jane Carter, 29

HMV employee Jane Carter
Image caption Jane Carter has worked at HMV in Manchester for more than six years

"I worked at HMV full time for six-and-a-half years and it's been a crazy three months.

"When I thought our store was closing I went and got another job. However, I know a lot of the other staff feel relieved. You have a loyalty to a brand like HMV. I always wanted to work there.

"If Hilco managed to turn around the fortunes of HMV Canada, I hope they adjust the British HMV to what the public want.

"For the moment, I'm thrilled for the company. It would be amazing for it to make it to its 100th anniversary.

"HMV missed too many opportunities in the past and made too many wrong decisions. That's me talking as an employee who knows what the customers ask for and request.

"Can they pull it back now? I really don't know but I'd like them to."

The musician: Marcus Akil, 18, busker

Busker Marcus Akil

"It was actually really upsetting when I thought it was closing. It's been there for as long as I can remember.

"It's great that it's staying open and that I can still buy my CDs and films there. Yes, its problems have come with the fact that everyone's buying online, but it's less personal.

"I would love my CD to be in HMV - that defines success. Without HMV there's no target because anyone can have their song on iTunes. "

The customer: Dan Moik, 24, bartender

HMV customer Dan Moik

"I guess it's a good thing to see places turn around. I was a bit upset when they were going to close down.

"I buy my CDs and DVDs physically and digitally and when you find that CD you've been looking for, you have to have it. It's always good to have a physical copy.

"Market Street is the main street in Manchester. If it had closed down it would have left a big dent and I'm not sure what would have filled it.

"HMV definitely needs to jump on the digital wagon, maybe a link with iTunes or Spotify. A streaming service could work if they offered a good enough rate. Let's see where they go. "

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