Paramore find 'courage' recording self-titled new album



Paramore say they did "some cool things" while recording their forthcoming self-titled album.

Bassist Jeremy Davis said the group was given free rein to use all their ideas and it was the first time they could hand over their work and feel happy.

"We have a gospel choir," he said. "We got a lot of special things on the record that we've always wanted to do."

Their fourth album, titled Paramore, also features the group playing ukulele on one track.

'Become stronger'

"I think that we did a lot that I didn't think we knew we were capable of," Davis continued.

"[We did] things that we've always wanted to do that we've just never had the courage to do."

You know I think that we did a lot that I didn't think we knew we were capable of
Paramore bassist Jeremy Davis

The band has gone through some line-up changes since the last album, Brand New Eyes.

Guitarist Jack Farrow together with his brother Zac, the group's drummer, left in 2010.

"We've been through a lot but it got us to this point," said singer Hayley Williams. "We feel like we have the best record we've ever made.

"We're in the best headspace and our friendships have just honestly become stronger."

Paramore's fourth self-titled album is released on 9 April

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Image caption Hayley said the group hope the new album will be a nice surprise for fans