Lady Gaga promoters sue insurers over 'terrorism' claim


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's concert promoters are suing insurers after the singer had to cancel a concert in Indonesia because of "terrorism threats" by Islamic groups.

Live Nation, Mermaid Touring and The Atom Factory are blaming insurers for having to back out of the show because of threats from protesters.

The singer was due to perform in Jakarta on 3 June but Indonesian police refused to approve the concert.

It was after violent threats from the Islamic Defenders Front.

They said they were worried the 24-year-old would perform in her underwear.

Image caption Acts like Beyonce and the Pussycat Dolls have performed in Indonesia in the past

The promoters are now suing insurance company Beazley Syndicate 623 at Lloyd's of London for not living up to the terms of a "terrorism policy", accusing it of "despicable conduct".

Before the gig, local papers covered the threats.

The Jakarta Globe reported that the "Hardline Islamic Defenders Front would send 30,000 of its members to prevent Gaga from entering Jakarta".

The Australian newspaper reported that a spokesperson for the group posted a picture on Facebook holding a concert ticket. The caption read, "We have gotten Lady Gaga tickets. Our target is to stop the concert."

According to the lawsuit filed in California, the concert was cancelled in order "to prevent bodily injury and property damage and to protect the lives and safety of Lady Gaga, all members of the Born This Way Tour, and the public".

Lady Gaga
Image caption Recently Lady Gaga cancelled US concerts because of a hip operation

Afterwards, Live Nation attempted to claim on its terrorism insurance policy, which it had paid a premium for.

The policy stated cover for "ascertained net loss" for cancellations due to "the sole and direct result of terrorism and or sabotage or threat".

The insurance company denied coverage "based on language and purported conditions that are not contained in the terrorism policies".

Live Nation is seeking at least $75,000 (£50,000) in damages.

Other acts like the Pussycat Dolls and Beyonce have been allowed to perform in the country in the past as long as they wore conservative clothes.

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