Your view: Dog microchipping laws to be introduced


Dog having microchip checked

All dogs in England will have to be microchipped from April 2016.

The government says it will help tackle strays and make it easier to prosecute owners of violent dogs.

Owners who do not get their pet microchipped could face fines of up to £500.

The procedure costs about £20-£30 at a vets and involves inserting a sterile chip the size of a grain of rice between a dog's shoulder blades.

Similar rules are already in place in Northern Ireland and they are being considered in Wales.

The Government's also closing a legal loophole by extending legal protection for people, like postal staff, who are attacked on private property.

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Image caption Husky Blaze, who is microchipped, stops for a rest in Stoke's Central Forest Park

Maria - Yes it will work! It should have been compulsory right from the beginning. Why are we having to wait 3 years for it to be brought in?

Brea - My dog is already microchipped, it didn't cost a lot. I know that if she gets lost and is found she will be returned home. Most sensible owners get the pets chipped already.

Richard - How will this help tackle violent dogs when the owner grabs his dog and runs away? I think it's a great idea as long as it is enforceable, ie how will they ensure all dogs are chipped?

Rob - I think the breeder should have some responsibility for the chipping process too.

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Dog having microchip checked

Angel - The government want dogs to be microchipped they can pay for it. Microchipping is expensive.

Lesley - I agree with the people who say responsible people already do but the government needs to do more about animal abuse firstly.

Ben - Of course it won't work! It's not going to stop people from dumping their pets!

Claire - [It will only work] if it is enforced. No point if it won't be checked. Who will be responsible for checking? Vets? Police? PCSOs?

Jim - Another stupid waste, responsible dog owners already do this, but a microchip is no proof of ownership.

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