Concern over courier companies keeping up with orders



A group which looks after online retailers says there is a problem with courier companies delivering items.

The British Online Retailing Association (BritORA) is calling for greater regulation of the parcel delivery industry.

It says the changes are needed because more people are buying products on the internet.

Figures from one retail group suggest around £78bn was spent online in 2012 with the market growing by 10% a year.

Adrian Quine from BritORA thinks better rules are needed.

He said: "When you buy something online you want to get that product as quickly as possible so obviously having reliable logistics is really critical.

"It's an area we need to address because a number of couriers have let online businesses down by not offering the best service they could.

"I would like to see a more reliable and robust system."

Liz Garton, 25, from Crawley

Liz Garton

Liz complained to a courier company after a dress she had ordered was left in a garden shed.

"I didn't know it was there for four days," she explained.

"They put a note through the door saying, 'Sorry we missed you' so I went to the collection place but they said it had been delivered.

"It makes me angry because it could have got wet and damaged."

At the moment, couriers are partly regulated by Ofcom, but just have to make sure firms have a complaints' process in place.

Aron Stanley, 20 from Crawley

Aron Stanley

Aron said he had a parcel thrown into his garden.

"They posted a card telling me the package had been left in a safe place but they'd actually chucked it over an eight foot (2.4m) fence," he said.

"I do like shopping online but I now look to see who will be delivering the stuff before I buy."

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Rona Hunnisett said: "Two things left in the dustbin - have yet to have any acknowledgement of my complaint let alone an apology. Utterly disgusted!"

John Hughes wrote: "With the volume of mail these firms have it is no wonder some of it goes missing or does not get delivered on time."


We contacted the courier firms you mentioned the most to us on Facebook.

Yodel sent Newsbeat a statement that said: "Yodel delivers more than 150 million parcels a year and has strict procedures. However, with this high volume of deliveries it is inevitable that occasionally we face challenges. We are committed to service improvements."

Nick Martens from Parcelforce Worldwide said: "Every parcel we handle is important to us and we treat every complaint seriously and seek to resolve any issues as quickly as possible."

Hermes were unavailable for comment.

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