Everything Everything: Touring with Muse 'amazing'


Everything Everything have described playing a recent string of European arena shows with Muse as "amazing".

The Manchester band supported the Devon rockers in countries including Germany, Poland and Hungary at the end of 2012.

"The further we got from home the better the gigs were and the nicer the crowds were - the more receptive and grateful," said bass player Jeremy Pritchard.

The shows with Muse were among the biggest the group have ever played.

'Sociable band'

"[Muse] are sociable - they're always full of smiles and willing to bend over backwards to make sure we were having a good time," said singer Jonathan Higgs.

"They're very busy guys with very busy lives with homes all over the world. They work incredibly hard - they're able to grab a few hours at home in between shows," added Pritchard.

"Their schedules are so busy that you have to schedule social time as well.

"When we did hang out with them it was always organised in hotel bars and restaurants and stuff which we wouldn't be able to afford normally. It was really nice that they put the time aside to hang out with us."

The foursome, whose debut album Man Alive was nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2011, reached number five in the official album chart with their second album Arc last week (20 January).

"The first album - maybe not enough people knew it existed which is shame," said drummer Michael Spearman.

"You've only got a certain amount of time to make it clear and capitalise on it. We feel like we're doing a lot [now] and that people are noticing it."

Arc is out now

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