Skrillex sets his hair on fire at birthday party


Dubstep DJ Skrillex set his hair on fire while trying to blow out candles at his own birthday party.

A video posted online shows a crowd singing Happy Birthday to the artist, whose real name is Sonny, as he waits to blow out the candles.

With his long hair dangling close to the flames, the 25-year-old stands above the cake to take a picture.

Within a few seconds, the dubstep artist recoils in shock as his hair is set alight.

Skrillex grabs his hair in an attempt to smother the fire, then turns, unharmed, to laugh with the crowd about the 30-second drama.

The three-time Grammy award winner is originally from Los Angeles and his electronic music is famous for helping dubstep become a mainstream music genre.

Image caption The long-haired DJ is famous for helping dubstep become mainstream music

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