Your view: Mums say they didn't drink during pregnancy


Pregnant woman

Drinking even a little alcohol while you're pregnant can harm your child's intelligence, a new study suggests.

Research by Bristol and Oxford universities suggests one or two drinks a week can make a difference.

They found "moderate" alcohol intake of one to six units a week during pregnancy affected IQ.

Newsbeat has been to Oxford to find out whether women find advice around drinking or not drinking during pregnancy confusing.

Sophie Urt, 20

Sophie Urt

"At the beginning of my pregnancy I drink a few glasses but that was it.

"I think that's fine. Now I'm at the stage where my baby is growing and I've stopped.

"The advice needs to be better."

Leighanna Paignton, 21

Leighanna Paignton

"I think it's bad when people drink when they are pregnant but I know a lot of people that did it and they are fine.

"Your midwife advises you not to but a few glasses should be all right.

"Personally I don't."

Sage Paignton, 20

Sage Paignton

"I think you should have no alcohol at all as it affects your baby.

"Just wait till it's over.

"I'm pregnant now and I'm not going to touch it but for others that's up to them."