Adam Richman: Man v Food won't be coming to the UK


Adam Richman with Scott Mills

Adam Richman, star of Man v Food, says he has no plans to do a UK version of the show.

The 38-year-old wants to move on from food challenges but may do a programme on UK regional dishes or food at events like football matches.

Adam appeared on Scott Mills' show on Radio 1 and answered some listeners' questions - here's a selection.

Do you still try new foods?

"Hours ago I had my first jellied eel, and last night I had my first Yorkshire pudding.

"I literally had one [jellied eel] and was felled like a mighty oak. That was an interesting, acquired taste."

What's worse - heat or quantity of food?

"It depends. If the quantity has a lot of starch, it sucks. Heat always hurts. It's just pain, you have to put your brain in another place."

Adam Richman
Image caption Adam says he's moving away from food challenges in case people get bored

Are you bringing Man v Food to the UK?

"I'm not going to do food challenge based programming because I believe it's time to do something new.

"I'm a tremendous footy fan - my family hails from Leeds - I love it here. I want to come over and showcase some of the regional dishes.

"Go to Cornwall for pasties, have Scouse in Liverpool, oat cakes in Stoke, whatever.

"My dream for next year is to explore the crossroads of sport and food and also the great gatherings.

"So maybe a Dungeons & Dragons convention or Lebowski Fest, or what they're serving at Craven Cottage or Stamford Bridge."

Adam Richman
Image caption Preparing for a challenge can be a rigorous process says Adam

How do you prepare for a challenge?

"When I was doing the quantity challenges I would make sure I was empty, I would cleanse ahead of time.

"Leg workouts, back workouts and sprint intervals because your leg and back are your largest muscle groups so you can build a bigger caloric deficit.

"I would sometimes travel with a jump rope just to get my metabolic rate as high as I could.

"Minimal hydration - you always want to come in a little bit dehydrated... Like if you have a sandwich or a burger every bit of moisture is just going to make that bun expand and turn into sludge.

"Also I practice safe challenge and use a condiment. Flavour fatigue is a very real thing and changing up the flavour is key."

What's been your most unpleasant challenge?

"I lost one spice challenge out of all 59 challenges.

"The owner's microphone was still on and we heard him say, 'Let's just pour the whole bottle in' and he put three to four times as much ghost chilli extract in there as he normally does.

"Not only stupid because it's not the actual challenge, but it's dangerous. They've weaponised ghost chilli extract in India. The police carry it in their grenades."

Adam Richman's Man v Food Nation is airing on the Food Network UK.