Black Ops 2: Gamers claim they got early copies


Black Ops 2 screenshot

Gamers have told Newsbeat they've managed to get copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 more than a week before its release.

The title is not due out until 13 November but on Friday three gamers showed Newsbeat copies of the game which they claimed were genuine.

They also said they knew a lot of people who already had it.

It's also been reported that it's become available to illegally download via torrent sites.

Gameplay videos have appeared on YouTube in recent weeks.

Cadz, 22, and Abdul, 25, said their physical copies of the game were genuine and claimed to have a receipt.

I know a lot of people who have got a genuine copy
Abdul, 25

The pair said they got six copies from a friend and that "shops break release dates sometimes".

Newsbeat tried to contact Activision but they didn't want to comment on pirate copies or early releases.

Halo 4 screenshot
Image caption Microsoft banned users caught with pirated versions of Halo 4

Last month, Microsoft banned gamers caught with pirated versions of Halo 4 on the Xbox Live.

You've been commenting on this topic on Newsbeat's Facebook page. Here's a selection of your posts:

Ross Overton said: "Had Halo 4 about three weeks before it came out.

"These gaming companies should keep things more locked up then maybe people would not take advantage of getting it early and cheaper."

Sammy Tranter said: "I got a legit copy on Saturday from a PS3 retailer. Hooked on it already.

"Getting it early certainly does not mean getting it cheaper, as a few of you have speculated."

Joe Marshall said: "It's a joke, everyone should get it all on the same day, make the playing field even.

"I could have bought it early from a source but chose to wait as there was no point... I only play online too, which you can't do if you have it early."