Bond screenwriter John Logan hopes for Skyfall Oscars


John Logan

Three-time Oscar nominated screenwriter, John Logan, hopes that his latest work on Skyfall will help the film gain recognition at next year's awards.

Of the 23 previous Bond movies over the last 49 years, only two have collected Academy Awards, both in technical categories.

Goldfinger won best sound effects in 1964 and a year later in 1965, Thunderball got best visual effects.

So could Skyfall be the first Bond film to achieve mainstream Oscar glory?

"Yes," Logan replies simply. "I think we made a proper movie, which was our goal."

Oscar chances

John Logan has previous form with Academy voters, having been nominated for his work writing Gladiator, The Aviator and most recently, Hugo.

There has been chatter online that Dame Judi Dench could be nominated for her role as M in Skyfall.

John Logan

Dench has six Oscar nominations to date, with one win in 1998, for supporting actress in Shakespeare in Love.

But when asked about Oscar prospects, Dench was keen to avoid the subject, saying: "Don't let's talk about that yet, that's a long way off."

Bond himself, Daniel Craig, was also keen to avoid Oscar hype at the world premiere, reluctantly admitting "of course" he'd like Skyfall to get noticed by the Academy Awards.

"I mean certainly Roger Deakins who did the camera work on this; it would be fantastic if he were to be recognised because he's done such a wonderful job."

Box office boom

Berenice Marlohe, Sam Mendes, Barbara Broccoli and Daniel Craig
Image caption Berenice Marlohe, Sam Mendes, producer Barbara Broccoli and Daniel Craig

Skyfall has already broken UK box office records, taking 10 days to hit £50m in ticket sales, the fastest film ever to do that. It opens in America on 9 November.

Rumours last week suggested that John Logan had already been tapped to write the next two Bond movies, as a possible two-part story, but that's been denied by Daniel Craig.

I think we've established, and as have Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, we've established a tone that is the bass line reality of Bond now. So it can't become camp
John Logan

The film's makers, Eon Productions have yet to confirm that Logan will return.

However, when asked about the chances of working on future Bond scripts, Logan admits "nothing would make me happier".

And if he were to sign up, Logan doesn't see the franchise slipping back into cliched ways.

"I think we've established, and as have Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, we've established a tone that is the base line reality of Bond now," he said.

"So it can't become camp, it can't become grandiose in a bad way at this point, it simply has to be honest to the tone that we've worked so hard to create in Skyfall."

Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem