Olly Murs defends third album release in three years


Olly Murs has defended the speed at which he releases new albums, saying three in three years isn't too many.

The singer will put out his latest record in November, his third since being crowned runner-up on The X Factor in December 2009.

"People have been tweeting me saying, 'Third album in three years,'" he said.

"It's like Rihanna and various other artists. If you've got the songs there why hold back? Why wait? Just get it out there. I think it's a good thing."

'More to achieve'

Murs, who now presents the Xtra Factor on ITV2, has already released two studio albums since his stint on the ITV talent show.

"I feel like I've still got so much more to achieve," he said.

"I want more number ones. I want to get more success on the album chart. I want to win Brit awards.

Olly Murs
Image caption Olly Murs supported One Direction in the US this summer

"I haven't reached those peaks yet, so I don't see how releasing a third album is a bad thing."

Olly Murs spent much of summer 2012 touring Canada and north America supporting One Direction.

"To go over there and be a part of it was quite special," he said. "It only happens once in a blue moon."

He says he now wants to expand beyond his current teenage fan base.

"With this album it's not bringing the cheese like I did with the first two," he said.

"Not that it was that cheesey, but I think with this album, if one of my young teen fans likes it then her mum or dad is going to like it a lot more than the last two.

"That's where I wanted to step into, a lot broader demographic.

"It's a little bit more anthemic and a little bit more the age I am and where I'm going next."

Olly Murs will release his third album Right Place Right Time on 26 November.