Your view: 4G phone contracts bring faster internet


Jermaine Bonjesi

Birmingham is one of 11 cities where you can now get a 4G phone contract.

There are plans to roll out 4G to most people in the UK by 2014 to improve internet speeds on mobiles.

People living in cities including Manchester, Cardiff and Edinburgh will be able to get the service which is five to seven times as fast as 3G.

The cheapest 4G contract is £36 a month for unlimited texts and calls and 500MB of internet access but the speed of 4G means it can eat up more data.

For that you could send more than 1,000 emails but it is also equivalent to either downloading 12 good quality songs or watching 64 four-and-a-half minute YouTube videos.

'3G works fine'

Jermaine Bonjesi, 19, is a musician from Sheffield and says: "At the moment, I'm paying £30 a month for a deal that includes unlimited internet access.

Sophie from Birmingham
Image caption Sophie thinks 4G could be useful for people living in the countryside

"500MB of internet access wouldn't be enough for me because I like to download other artists' music and am always on Facebook and Twitter.

"I don't want to pay more just to have faster broadband when 3G works fine."

Sophie from Birmingham says she would think about paying for the service.

"I think 4G would be especially useful for people in the countryside where the internet is slower," she said.

"If someone paid for the smartphone for me, I'd definitely consider it, as I want faster internet."

Your concerns

On the Newsbeat Facebook page, some of you also have concerns about 4G.

We put some of them to Marc Allera, head of sales at EE, the only network provider currently offering 4G contracts.

Gordon says this is a "rip-off" because there is no competition.

Cities where 4G is now available

    • London
    • Manchester
    • Bristol
    • Birmingham
    • Cardiff
    • Edinburgh
    • Leeds
    • Liverpool
    • Sheffield
    • Glasgow
    • Southampton

"We're probably the cheapest country in the world to have 4G," he said.

"We think £36 is affordable for most people.

"They're also getting perks like getting a film on us every week."

Adam has written: "500mb a month limit?

"You would just be able to download a standard HD episode of Family Guy for that.

"You can send thousands of emails a month.

"For those people that want to download films and music then there are higher price plans."

Mark says data is free, why "ramp up" the price in data?

He said: "None of our customers will go over their limit and come home to a nasty bill without us alerting as to how much they're using and then they can move up to a bigger package if they're using a lot more data."

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