Teenagers resitting GCSE English say it's too much work


People sitting an exam

More than 45,000 people are getting ready to retake their English GCSEs next month after a row over how they were marked.

But two students say they will be resitting next year because they feel they're juggling too much at the moment.

Jackie Bowen and Tola Sowemimi go to Tower Hamlets College in east London and think it's too soon for them to resit in November.

Jackie said: "I'm juggling a two-year course in media on top of GCSE English and it's a lot of work.

Tola Sowemimi and Jackie Bowen
Image caption Jackie Bowen and Tola Sowemimi are retaking their English GCSE

"Trying to hit deadlines is so hard but teachers are trying to help me."

Some teachers claim there was pressure on them to mark harder in summer exams compared to those sat earlier this year.

Jackie added: "I thought I'd get a C in English and I ended up with a D.

"I felt like I should have worked harder, but then I heard that the papers may have been marked too harshly which made me feel a bit better."

Exam boards said they were offering the English resits free of charge to schools, not because the papers were marked too harshly, but because of pupils' disappointment.

The focus will also be on exams rather than coursework this year.

Tola said: "I really need my English GCSE to get into university where I want to do accounting and I worry that I'm going to fail."