Jack Osborne marries Lisa Stelly in Hawaii ceremony


Jack Osborne and Lisa Stelly

Jack Osborne has married Lisa Stelly in a ceremony in Hawaii, with his parents Ozzy and Sharon and sister Kelly in attendance.

The couple had been engaged for a year and have one daughter together, Pearl, who is six months old.

Kelly Osborne was one of the bridesmaids at the service which took place on Sunday (7 October).

Before the ceremony the groom went on Twitter to dismiss reports that he was due to wed.

He claimed the family were on the island to celebrate Sharon Osborne's birthday.

"I love how going to Hawaii with my mum for her 60th has turned into my wedding. Hahaha people are funny."

Earlier this year, Jack Osborne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), two weeks after the birth of his daughter.

He had been experiencing problems with his vision before going to get tested for the condition.