Knot director Noel Clark says 'weddings are boring'


Noel Clarke

Noel Clarke, whose latest role is in a comedy about getting married, says the weddings he's been to are "usually quite boring".

The Knot is a film about a couple who want friends to video their wedding for them.

"The big day turns out to be chaotic," the 36 year-old explains.

"But it's really about love and connecting with someone and whether you end up marrying that person or not."

I've never been involved in any calamitous weddings. All the weddings are usually quite boring to be honest
Noel Clarke

The film director plays best man Peter in the film and also co-wrote the movie.

But Clarke said it wasn't his own experience of weddings that inspired his latest film.

"I've never been involved in any calamitous weddings," he admits. "All the weddings are usually quite boring to be honest.

"I'm the one who waits for the vicar to say, 'If anyone knows any reason' and I am looking around to see if anyone is going to kick the door down.

"I just wanted this film to be funny but sweet as well and to show a different side to me as a creator."

Noel Clarke studied media at the University of North London before becoming an actor and had parts in the revamped version of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (2005) and Doctor Who.

In 2009, the actor turned director won the Bafta Rising Star Award for writing, directing and starring in film Adulthood, the sequel to his previous film Kidulthood.