Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence first choice for Savages


The director of new film Savages says he originally wanted Jennifer Lawrence, star of The Hunger Games, to be in the movie.

Instead Oliver Stone gave the lead female role to Gossip Girl's Blake Lively.

He says when he saw Jennifer Lawrence star in Winter's Bone he wanted to work with her.

"She [Jennifer] was the original choice because I'd seen her in Winter's Bone, very fresh.

"I don't know if it would have worked better or not but it didn't happen that way."

The Hunger Games was given the green light before Savages, so Lawrence took the role as Katniss Everdeen in the hit teen drama.

Savages is about drug dealers in California who get involved a Mexican gang.

Blake Lively plays O, who is in a relationship with the two leading men.

"I liked what Blake did, we wrote slightly for her," adds Stone.

She stars alongside Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, John Travolta, Salma Hayek and Benicio Del Toro.

At the end of filming she handed out t-shirts to the crew and cast which read 'I survived Oliver Stone'.

Oliver Stone says he thinks she meant it "hopefully as a joke - I would consider that I survived her!"

Savages is in cinemas from Friday 21 September.