Tulisa: N-Dubz 'in talks' about setting date to reunite


Tulisa at the Mobo Awards launch

Tulisa has confirmed that N-Dubz are reuniting and are currently discussing dates when they will work together.

The X Factor judge said that she and band mates Dappy and Fazer had been talking about reforming the group.

"Yesterday I met up with Dappy," she said. "We have been chilling out together and the three of us are in talks about setting a date to reunite."

Giving a rough time scale, she said: "Possibly once me and Dappy and Fazer drop our solo albums."

The singer was speaking at the launch party for the 2012 Mobo Awards, where she has been nominated for best female artist.

'Oasis split'

Fazer also appeared at the event and confirmed that he and Dappy had been talking about plans to get back together.

He said: "We had a funny conversation over the weekend, you never know.

Fazer at the Mobo Awards launch
Image caption Fazer suggested that the N-Dubz reunion could happen next year

"An N-Dubz reunion may be in a year's time or two. Not that long, it's not an Oasis type split."

Tulisa talked about her new single and said she was not upset that Live It Up only charted at number 11 this weekend.

'Bigger picture'

"I said I don't know if it will even get in to the top ten," she said.

"With that single it was strategic to sell the album. I'm not trying to get a number one with this one.

"I know it's urban. I know that it's probably not going to chart high. I want to show a different side to the album.

"For me it's a bigger picture."

She also commented on the success of this weekend's X Factor when it was back in the Saturday night ratings battle with Strictly Come Dancing.

"It's still the biggest TV show in the UK and still gets the most viewers, regardless of how much they fluctuate."