Emeli Sande marries long-term partner Adam Gouraguine


Emeli Sande
Image caption Emeli Sande

Emeli Sande has married her long-term boyfriend, Adam Gouraguine, in a small ceremony in his homeland of Montenegro.

The singer has been with her partner for seven years, having met in Aberdeen.

It is being reported that the 25-year-old plans to take her husband's surname, after she did an interview on Montenegro television over the weekend.

"I want to be the part of his life and his family, so I want to add his surname," she is quoted as saying.

"I want to be part of his tradition. I grew up in a family of two different cultural backgrounds, so I embraced both.

"One day when we have kids, I'd like them to be the part of these two different cultures."

Name change

It is thought she will now be called Emeli Sande Gouraguine although it is unclear whether she will perform under this name.

A spokesperson for the artist confirmed the wedding had taken place.

"We can confirm the fact that Emeli married at the weekend but it is purely a private affair and no further details, quotes or pictures will be released, and we ask that her privacy is respected."

The singer is said to have performed a free gig for fans on Montenegro on Friday night, tweeting afterwards: "Thank you for last night Kotor!"

So far she has had the biggest selling album of the year, but has managed to keep her relationship with her 24-year-old partner relatively private.

'Rollercoaster year'

She announced she was engaged in January after being spotted wearing a ring after appearing on the Graham Norton Show.

Her father, Joel Sande, said in an interview: "Here's hoping everything goes to plan.

"It's been a great rollercoaster year to date and this can only make my baby's dream a more realistic version of her events."

Other highlights from her busy year have included performing at the Olympics opening and closing ceremonies, and touring with Coldplay.