Your views: A magazine prints topless pictures of royal


Duchess of Cambridge

Topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge have been published by a French magazine.

They were taken while she was on holiday with Prince William at a private house in France last week.

Royal officials say they're "saddened and disappointed" and are now considering legal action.

The French magazine Closer insists it has done nothing wrong and said the photos are "full of joy."

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Kingsley Hyam, 22, from Suffolk, Bartender

Kingsley Hyam

"She's a good woman and she's doing a lot for people at the moment.

"It's not fair and it's an invasion of privacy.

"The French media are completely out of line doing this."

Nick Clark, 21, unemployed from Brighton

Nick Clark

"The French media need a good talking to.

"She's married to the Prince and you don't go around publishing topless photos of such a high profile character."

Tommy Grace, Jim Dixon, Vinny Neff, band members

Tommy Grace, Jim Dixon, Vinny Neff
Image caption left to right, Tommy, Jim, Vinny

Tommy: "I think it's a shame that people's privacy can be invaded, but I certainly don't think Royalty should have any special exemption."

Vinny: "When you marry into the Royal family you know what you're getting into.

"You're going to be under scrutiny."

Jim: "That's not a normal thing to do - to sneak a long lens camera through someone's hedge."

Carole Wenger, 24, French student

Carole Wenger

"When you're famous, or a politician or Royalty you have to be careful of the media.

"I'm surprised such a big deal is being made of this when English magazines print so much stuff about other celebrities."

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