Anne Hathaway locked up Batman Dark Knight Rises script


Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has revealed that she was so worried about her Batman script getting stolen, she bought a special safe to keep it in.

"I did actually," she said at the European premiere for The Dark Knight Rises.

"I felt nervous having a script. I wound up getting a safe just to put it in because I was so scared that I was going to be the one to lose it."

Hathaway plays Catwoman to Christian Bale's Batman in director Christopher Nolan's third and final film set in Gotham City.

As for other methods used to prevent plot details leaking, the 29-year-old actress says Nolan kept things simple.

"Not everybody got a script," she said "I did but it was just one copy."

Gary Oldman also described fearing that he'd lost his Batman script while filming in March.

It was eventually found in the British actor's hotel room.

When asked whether she felt The Dark Knight Rises could beat Avengers Assemble at the box office, Anne Hathaway admitted she was "not really thinking about that".

The film that united Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man grossed £1 billion to make it the third biggest seller ever worldwide.

"It would be nice if we do well because then that just means that more movies get made because there's more money to play with."

So would Anne Hathaway be willing to reprise her Catwoman role if DC Comics followed Marvel's lead and aimed to make a Justice League film, bringing together Batman and Superman?

"It depends who is making it," she said. "If Chris Nolan is making it I would be first in line to see that movie."

The Dark Knight Rises is out in cinemas across the UK on 20 July.