Introducing… Lucy Rose


Lucy Rose

When a singer tells you that a number one album would be a bad thing, you know you've come across someone a bit different.

Lucy Rose is definitely not a typical musician; she does not crave the fame that comes as part of the job description.

As her YouTube videos hit a million views and Radio 1 add her to their playlists, old school mates have started getting in touch.

Lucy Rose, the facts

    • What: 23-year-old, folk influenced, singer-songwriter
    • For fans of: Laura Marling, Bombay Bicycle Club and Ben Howard
    • Download: Lines (22 July)
    • Live: At festivals throughout the UK this summer

"I've suddenly got friends that you haven't heard from in years being like, 'Let's go for a drink, I heard you on Radio 1.'

"I don't think I'm prepared for it."

Although she's been gigging at open mic nights for five years, Lucy appears not to relish the limelight that comes with her burgeoning fame.

"A lot of people looking at one person is not normal, so I don't think anyone would particularly enjoy that [the attention]."

Small town girl

Her route to signing her record deal reads like the plot of a cliché Hollywood movie.

Small town girl moves to the big city, spends years performing in small venues, before finally getting a break.

A lot of her music, like the track Night Bus, takes inspiration from her move to London, aged 18.

When you get number one on your first album, where do you go from that? Number one would not be good
Lucy Rose

"I remember riding a night bus [for fun] at three in the morning but there's so much to see and so much to do that it never stops.

"Coming from a small village, where everyone knows everyone's business, sometimes you feel you're surrounded.

"In London there's so many people no-one cares about each other.

"Everyone's just doing their own thing and that was really exciting."

After meeting Jack Steadman of Bombay Bicycle Club, she contributed vocals to some of their songs.

Eventually she toured with both them and Noah and the Whale.

Unsurprisingly, her unassuming nature also influences her opinions when the conversation turns to her aspirations.

"When you get number one on your first album, where do you go from that? What do you aim for?

"Surely you should just be building your career? Number one would not be good."

Instead Lucy hopes that she can just go on making album after album; that the success of this debut release will bring about the funding for the second.

Bird song

Lucy is spending the summer performing at festivals before her new album is released in September.

Lucy Rose
Image caption Lucy Rose's debut album, Like I Used To, is released in September

Like I Used To is set to be a paired down debut; the album was recorded in her parents home, with the band and producers staying with them throughout.

"It was one of the best experiences I've ever had.

"I didn't want it to be glossy and I didn't want it in a big fancy studio because that's not what I'm like.

"There's a lot of birds on it from outside because I've got no soundproofing and some dogs barking on it as well.

"I should credit some birds but I haven't."