Tulisa slams N-Dubz band mate Dappy over new song



N-Dubz band mates Tulisa and Dappy have clashed over the release of his new song Tarzan 2 (I'm Coming).

The band mates, who are also cousins, exchanged heated messages on Twitter.

On the controversial track, Dappy describes in graphic sexual detail what he'd like to do to several female celebrities including Kelly Rowland.

The rapper also accused X Factor boss Simon Cowell of mismanaging the careers of contestants that have appeared on the show.

Tulisa, who is a judge on the talent show, took to Twitter to distance herself from her cousin's lyrics.

Misleading fans

She wrote: "Just puttin it out there..don't involve me in dappy's latest hype, I don't condone it in anyway. N its a shame I'm not around 2 control him."

N-Dubz - which consists of Tulisa, Dappy and Fazer - haven't announced a permanent split but are working on solo projects.

Image caption Dappy will release his debut solo album Bad Intentions in October

Minutes later another message was sent from the singer's account.

It seemed to suggest that she felt the lyrics written by Dappy were a result of him still dealing with the death of a family member.

"I told u hes a nut, I dealt wid this 4 13 years. I just hope people realize hes simply lost his mind since B's death..that's all, 4 his sake."

Soon after his band mate tweeted, Dappy used the social network to address his 400,000 followers.

The rapper hit back: "I cant believe u T...Why would u say this about my work..Just so u can keep cool with your xf job"

The pair went on to exchange a series of angry tweets, some of which have been deleted.

It's not the first time Tulisa and Dappy have used the internet to have a quarrel.

Earlier this year 23-year-old Tulisa accused Dappy of misleading fans as to who was to blame for causing the band's temporary break-up.

The argument ended with Dappy writing: "It's only right 1 of us tells it how it should be. #YgetFameThenChange.

"Sad really guess I'm on my own again."