Your views: Bad time to be young?


Now is not a great time to be young in the UK, according to a new report.

It claims the chances of getting a decent job and buying your own place have nose-dived over the last few years.

The report was by the Intergenerational Foundation, a group that wants all generations to have the same advantages in life.

It looked at how things have changed for people under 30 since the 1990s.

Newsbeat's been speaking to people in Romford about it.

Cara Jane and Charlotte Lynch

Cara Jane Lynch and Charlotte Lynch
Image caption Cara Jane (left) is not sure she'll be able to afford a mortgage later on

Cara Jane Lynch, 21, is at university but works part time to help pay for it.

"I am not worrying [about a mortgage] because I am living with my parents.

"But when I finish my course I think reality will hit, it might be hard for me to get a job other than retail, something I can do as a career."

Charlotte Lynch, 22, works two days at a school as a PE coach.

"I think it was easier for our parents because everything was cheaper, like the price of houses

"But I don't think that is an excuse for us not to put the effort in."

Thomas Hablin

Thomas Hablin
Image caption Thomas says there's work out there for people who are determined

Thomas, 25, works for the council: "There are plenty of jobs for those who want it.

"Just go out there find it and work hard.

"I do think it's about getting the first step on the ladder.

"Work hard for a couple of years and hopefully we'll get out of it [the recession].

Sean Pearson and Alex Blair

Sean Pearson and Alex Blair
Image caption Sean (left) reckons it was easier for the older generation to find work

Twenty-four-year-old Sean Pearson has just finished university. He's living at home and looking for a job.

"I am worried about the future," he admits. "I am hoping everything picks up and more jobs come along."

Alex Blair, 20, is working part time but looking for another job.

"It's tough looking for a job at the moment because everyone is asking for experience, but if no one is hiring you then you can't get the experience."

Leah Squilburn

Leah Squiburn
Image caption Leah also thinks that her mum's generation found things easier

Leah, 19, is pregnant and living on her own: "I couldn't get a job before I got pregnant. I have qualifications but couldn't get anything.

"I would like to get a job after the baby but there is nothing out there at the moment.

"When my mum left school she was always in work but now it is bad times."