Two Door Cinema Club announce new album Beacon


Alex Trimble from Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club say their new album will be more "intimate" than their first.

The band have announced that Beacon will be the follow up to their 2010 debut Tourist History.

The trio, from County Down, lived together while writing it and then went to LA to record the tracks.

Lead singer Alex Trimble, 22, says the follow-up is a more "intimate record than the first but, at the same time, it's much bigger and more inclusive".

Beacon has been produced by Jacknife Lee, who's previously worked with Bloc Party and REM.

It'll be released in September.

The band lived together while writing the songs for the album, something Alex previously said was helpful.

Speaking last year he said: "We live in a nice detached house so there's no real problem with bothering the neighbours or anything so we can usually make as much noise as we like."

"We've set up a little rehearsal space in our basement and a studio in one of the spare bedrooms, so we've got a nice little comfortable set-up here."

Tourist History sold more than one million copies worldwide.

The band was also asked to remix Lady Gaga's Electric Chapel.