German fans on Chelsea's Champions League chances


Benedikt and Daniel

Chelsea are preparing for Saturday's Champions League final against Bayern Munich.

The German side have home advantage as the game will be played in their own stadium.

Roberto Di Matteo's Chelsea side are the underdogs despite beating holders Barcelona in the semi-final.

Benedikit Blum, 23, and Daniel Skibbe, 22, are both German but Ben supports Chelsea while Daniel is a Bayern fan.

They spoke to Newsbeat about the game.

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Daniel: "We'll win because we're playing in our own stadium, we have the better offensive players and Chelsea have loads of players missing.

Franck Ribery
Image caption French international Franck Ribery is key for Bayern Munich

"Also we have Manuel Neuer and if it goes to penalties, there's no chance for Chelsea."

Ben: "But we've beaten the best club in the world Barcelona with just 10 men, so we can easily beat Munich who aren't even German Champions, and they lost 5-2 to Dortmund in the German cup final last week."

Daniel: "We've won that cup so many times, I don't care.

"We weren't thinking with our heads in that game, we were just thinking about the Champions League final."

Ben: "The fans in Munich are too confident. They're overconfident."

Daniel: "He's right there, I don't like all the people thinking we're going to win this easily, that could be a problem. Chances are 50-50."

Ben: "Yep, agreed 50-50. If Didier Drogba plays his part, we've got a great chance of winning it.

"Fernando Torres could also come on and score the winner, just like he did against Germany in the final of Euro 2008."

Didier Drogba
Image caption Didier Drogba could be a match-winner for Chelsea

Daniel: "He was in much better form then. Now he's just a bench player.

"Our key players are Bastian Schweinsteiger in the midfield and Franck Ribery. Arjen Robben isn't in his best form at the moment."

Ben: "For us, it's Didier up front obviously and he can play against Bayern's weak centre backs.

"The second key player will be Ashley Cole to stop Arjen Robben on the left flank."

Daniel: "We are scared of Drogba, it's true.

"But playing at home is an advantage, we can stay at home without having to travel a long distance."

Ben: "I didn't have to travel a long distance to get here, just an hour and a half from London."

Daniel: "If Chelsea win and play as the better team, that's OK.

"But if we lose like Barcelona did in the semi-final having dominated the game, it would be very difficult to take."