Diplo: Beyonce track started off as 'joke song'



Producer and DJ Diplo says a sample he came up with that Beyonce later used started off as a bit of fun.

"I still think a lot of people don't even realise where that song came from," Diplo told Newsbeat.

Beyonce's single, Run the World (Girls), contains parts of Pon De Floor, a track Diplo produced with his group Major Lazer.

He added: "That song never really had a push. It was a song we did, kind of like a funny kind of a joke song."

The 37-year-old American has produced tracks for Usher, Azealia Banks and Marina & the Diamonds.

Image caption DJ and producer Diplo recently started a show on Radio 1

He recalls working with Beyonce as a surreal experience: "We had to finish up a few records we were working with her on," said Diplo.

He also worked on Beyonce's latest single, End of Time.

"That was super weird man. Like I remember we were in the studio working with her and I still couldn't believe it."

Diplo recently joined the Radio 1 DJ team after changes to the schedule announced earlier this year.

His mix show Diplo & Friends airs Sunday mornings 1-3am.