Local elections 2012: Your views from Glasgow


Glasgow view

At the top of one of the main high streets in Glasgow there's a constant sound of drilling and banging.

It's a reminder of the changes going on. A new shopping centre is being built and the east end is also preparing to host the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

There could also be major political change there in this week's elections.

For years, Glasgow has been a place Labour could count on but now some people say they've had enough.

"I'm a young voter and a lot of people think the same as me," says John Chambers, who's shopping in the area.

The SNP have done well where they have been elected, so I'm backing them
John Chambers

"The SNP have done well where they have been elected, so I'm backing them.

"I think people have lost a lot of faith in Labour."

If the Scottish Nationalist Party does win control of Glasgow's council it would be a key moment for Scottish politics.

The party already control Scotland's national parliament, but they have rarely had significant success in the major cities.

It would also be a huge loss for the Labour Party and leader Ed Miliband.

He's hoping to use these local elections to prove his party is making a comeback after defeat in the 2010 general election.

It would be a major setback to lose out in the city where they usually always win.

Independence question

Twenty-three-year old David Rankin is on his lunch break at work. He's not so keen to see an SNP victory.

David Rankin
Image caption David Rankin isn't as keen on the Scottish National Party

"Personally, I think we should stick with Labour for now," he says.

"The SNP may be doing well but they want Scottish Independence. I'm just not convinced that's the best plan for Scotland."

The SNP's goal is for Scotland to be completely independent from the British government. There'll be a vote on it in two years' time.

It seems many there are yet to be convinced of the idea and it could be the issue that costs the SNP during the local elections.

"I know independence isn't an issue at this particular election," says 21-year-old Siobhan Higgins. "But the idea of it does put me off voting SNP for now."

Other parties in the running there include the Green Party and, of course, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

However, the coalition parties know this is a part of the UK where they rarely do well and they won't be expecting that to change on Thursday .

A loss here for Labour would be a much more unwelcome surprise for Ed Miliband.

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