Your View: Adverts on Xbox Live entertainment apps


Xbox Live user

Television-style adverts are to be rolled out across Xbox Live entertainment applications, Microsoft has announced.

The US company said commercials of between 15 and 30 seconds long would be shown on the online console.

They claimed the move would offer advertisers a new way of reaching potential customers.

But industry experts have warned that it could upset users of the video gaming system.

'Strong views'

Nearly 40 million people use Xbox Live worldwide.

Brian Williams and James King
Image caption Brian Williams, 22, and James King, 21, were not impressed by the decision

Newsbeat headed out into central London to ask some of them their thoughts about having adverts on the system.

Graphic designer Brian Williams, 22, said: "You have to pay for the service so you shouldn't be getting adverts."

His friend 21-year-old James King, agreed, adding: "I have very strong views on adverts in general - they are just inconvenient."

Joe Beck, 21
Image caption Joe Beck, 21, said he was thinking of buying an Xbox

However 15-year-old Suzanna Littler said the advert wouldn't put her off using the system.

"It would be annoying at first but it wouldn't stop me playing it."

And Maddie Moughton-Small, 14, pointed out that other online entertainment sites such as YouTube already carried commercials.

But student Joe Beck, 21, disagreed with the adverts.

He said: "I was thinking about buying an Xbox this year but that kind of sucks - I might change my mind."