Cheryl: Watch out for Girls Aloud reunion this year


Cheryl Cole

Cheryl has confirmed that Girls Aloud will be getting back together to celebrate the group's 10th birthday.

Speaking to Radio 1's Chris Moyles, the singer told fans to "watch out" for upcoming projects.

The band's members had met up recently, she added.

"It's coming up to our 10th birthday in November this year… and we all want to do something to celebrate that," she said.

Girls Aloud took a break in 2009 and Cheryl has gone on to have number one solo singles with Fight for This Love and Promise This.

Discussing the temporary split, she said: "What happened was it had been seven years of consistently non-stop touring, album after album.

"As women we needed this space to grow."

The girls have insisted that they will get together when the time is right.

And Cheryl told Moyles: "It's now that time. It's been almost three years that we took some time out - so watch out."

The 28-year-old former X Factor judge appeared on Radio 1's Breakfast Show to discuss her new single Call My Name.

Her next solo album is due out later this year.