Alan Davies defends Hillsborough disaster comments


Alan Davies

The Hillsborough Justice Campaign has refused to accept a £1,000 PayPal donation from Alan Davies.

It follows his comments about Liverpool refusing to play on the anniversary of the disaster.

The comedian said in his weekly football podcast that the team should have been made to play their FA Cup semi-final against Everton on 15 April.

Ninety-six supporters died at Liverpool's game against Nottingham Forest on 15 April 1989.

Liverpool's game is now being played this Saturday lunchtime, 14 April.

It means Chelsea face Tottenham on Sunday evening, three days before their Champions League semi-final against Barcelona.

Alan Davies, who appears on the BBC show QI, defended his comments on Twitter after receiving death threats.

He said: "I'm getting tweets from Liverpool fans who have been given the impression that I was disrespectful to those who lost their lives on 15/4/89.

"I support the campaign for Justice for the 96 [victims] but there is some negative blogging out there painting me in a bad light.

"I said the Hillsborough disaster was the worst event in modern peacetime history. I was on a terrace listening to a radio as it happened.

"I have apologised for the tone I took. I'm getting death threats from people not even born in 1989. It's OTT."

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Rachel Broughton - If that is the decision that Liverpool make, then everyone should respect that decision.

Jessica Middleton - I'm a Liverpool fan and I think they should accept the apology, graciously decline the money or maybe even accept the donation. It's going to a good cause in any case.

Andy Carson - Why should they not play on it? Do Bradford not play on the date of the fire? Do United not play on the date of Munich? Why do Liverpool play on the date of Heysel then if they don't like playing on tragic dates?

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Ellie Pugh ‏- Talk about blown out of all proportion! The poor bloke's had death threats. The whole situation is ridiculous. Get a grip.

Natalie Farren ‏- He wasn't tryin be malicious, and he's apologized. They're being quite silly to turn down money.

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JG - Why should he apologize it's about time they got over it! Do Liverpool play on the anniversary of Heysel?

Emma from Liverpool - I don't think Alan should have even given a donation. What he said was fine. It seems to me these days that if your in the limelight & have an opinion, you can't win. He's allowed an opinion like everybody else.

Matt, Merseyside - Alan Davies is a disgrace and has obviously never been touched by tragedy himself. LFC will never play on that date out of respect for those affected by Hillsborough, something that Alan Davies does not have the capacity to understand.