Simpsons fans in attempt to break Guinness World Record


Maggie Simpson

Fans of The Simpsons will attempt to break a Guinness World Record for marathon TV viewing this week.

On Wednesday afternoon in Los Angeles, 100 fans will begin watching consecutive episodes of the US TV series.

The last fan standing at the end of the marathon will win $10,500 (£6,600) and Simpsons merchandise.

Participants are allowed to eat and drink during the marathon, but they'll be disqualified if they fall asleep.

Each episode of the Simpsons is around 22 minutes long, which means it would make more than eight days to watch every episode.

Twentieth Century Fox, which broadcasts The Simpsons in America, is sponsoring the event and supplying the winner's prize.

Fans need to be a US resident and over 18 to take part, according to the event's official website.

The current record for marathon TV viewing is held by three American men who watched 86 hours of the Kiefer Sutherland series 24 in 2010.

The Simpsons, which was created by Matt Groening, is the longest-running animated comedy show of all time.

The show's 500th episode - At Long Last Leave - is due to air later this month.