Amanda Holden announces return to Britain's Got Talent


Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden says she is aiming to return to her role as a judge on ITV1 series Britain's Talent when auditions head to Edinburgh on 11 February.

A spokesman for the show said former Baywatch actress Carmen Electra would stand in for her in London this week.

He said: "Carmen Electra is our guest judge for the London auditions. Amanda is expected back next Saturday."

The presenter was left in a critical condition following the birth of her second child, Hollie, a fortnight ago.

She spent several days in intensive care but has released a picture of her family to show she is recovering well.

Hollie was born on 23 January by Caesarean weighing just over six pounds.

It is thought Holden needed a blood transfusion and was in critical condition for three days.

The couple have also thanked medical staff involved in the birth and care afterwards for their "skill and dedication".

Holden, 40, had been in good health throughout her pregnancy but she has had previous difficulties.

She lost a child last year seven months into a pregnancy and in 2010 she suffered a miscarriage.

Lexi, who is pictured holding Hollie, had her sixth birthday two days before her sister was born.

Remaining Britain's Got Talent auditions

London - Monday, 6 February (13:00 & 18:00)

Tuesday, 7 February (13:00 & 18:00)

Wednesday, 8 February (13:00 & 18:00)

Edinburgh - Saturday, 11 February (13:00 & 18:00)

Birmingham - Friday, 17 February (18:00)

Saturday, 18 February (13:00 & 18:00)

Sunday, 19 February (13:00 & 18:00)