Your Facebook views: Megaupload file-sharing shut down


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File-sharing site Megaupload has been taken down by US officials and its founders have been charged with breaking piracy laws.

Prosecutors say the site, one of the biggest sharing sites on the net, has caused more than £320m of losses to film, music and games companies.

The site claims it always responded well to complaints about copyrighted material appearing on the site.

Its co-founders, Kim Dotcom and Mathias Ortmann, were arrested in New Zealand.

That was at the request of American investigators.

Hackers' group Anonymous have hit back by targeting the FBI and US Department of Justice websites.

We asked Newsbeat's Facebook fans what they thought of the news. Here are some of the comments.

Andy Westray

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"I used it all the time and I'm genuinely shocked by this.

"Megaupload always removed 'violating' files if they were deemed to breach copyright.

"Internet censorship is not the way to fix file-sharing."

Marcus Cheeseman

"It was used for private file-sharing and was a good way for unsigned bands to share their EPs that they put for free download.

"People decided to take advantage and share copyrighted material."

Seb Ferraro

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"90% of those people who download illegally would NOT have otherwise purchased the item instead.

"They are over-exaggerating the money they 'lose'."

Saleha Pinhorn

"It is [was] brilliant for sharing big files you can't sent via an email."

Lloyd Davies

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"Never used it. I actually prefer to pay for the music that has affected me in so many ways and keep my favourite artists/bands going."

Benji Mclean

"They were offering a genuine service which I've used to send footage I've filmed to editors etc.

"The site was misused by others."

James Semper

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"It's too easy to get pirated items. You will never stop it, no matter what you do."

Nicholas Grace

"This is just the record companies and film companies moaning because they want to make that little extra money.

"The artists don't moan because they are getting more recognition as do the actors/actresses."

Danny Wood

Danny Wood

"YouTube offers free streaming of entire shows uploaded by users. Why hasn't it been affected?"

Brian Cooke

"Wish they would put more effort into tackling cyber bullying, child porn and viruses than covering their own profit margins."

Alex Deutsch

Alex Deutsch

"If you owned a carpark and someone parked a stolen car in it, would you be to blame?"

Anthony Perks

"Never used it. Only download from iTunes."

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