Madonna reveals her new album name at W.E. premiere



Madonna has said she named her new album M.D.N.A. because she liked the play on words.

The so-called Queen of pop announced the title of her 12th studio album on Wednesday but didn't reveal when it would be released.

"I just liked the play on words," she said. "It's a triple entendre."

Madonna made the comments while on the red carpet of the W.E. premiere in central London.

The singer told fans she would be visiting the UK this summer, hinting at a possible music tour.

She has revealed that a track with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. called Gimmie All Your Lovin would be on her new album.

Period drama

Speaking about W.E., the 53-year-old said she hoped the film would be recognised with an award for its costumes and the music.

The film - which stars Andrea Riseborough, James d'Arcy, Richard Coyle and Natalie Dormer - is about the romance between Wallis Simpson (Riseborough) and Edward VIII (d'Arcy) which led to the monarch's abdication and includes a parallel modern-day love affair.

Madonna admitted that it had been a steep learning curve as a director.

"When you make a film you have to deal with the word no in a very graceful way all day long," she said.

"You have to learn how to be the general of an army and direct everyone and support creativity.

"You have to be a leader and allow for surprises. It really requires you to be working on the left and the right side of your brain at all times and to survive on very little sleep.

"It's the hardest thing I've ever done."