50 Cent criticises record label Interscope on Twitter


50 Cent

50 Cent has publicly criticised his record label and says he is considering releasing his music for free in future.

The rapper says he has "lost faith" in his current label, Interscope.

He tweeted: "Music was so much fun for me, now the people and politics involved disgust me."

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, is now refusing to publicise any new releases for the company. "I'm not doing any press for this album. My music speaks for itself," he said.

"I have lost all the faith in the team I'm on."

The 36-year-old has previously scored top five hits in the UK with In Da Club, Candy Shop and Ayo Technology.

Three of his studio albums - Curtis, The Massacre and Get Rich Or Die Tryin' - have reached the top five in the UK album chart.

Tweeting about his new music, Jackson said: "My next album is great. It's [a] shame the hardest people to work with were supposed to be on the same team with me."

"I having nothing left to say. I will not be promoting my music."

Last week, 50 Cent publicly addressed Interscope boss Jimmy Iovine directly, threatening to release more music for free unless the label executive contacted him.

The rapper said:"Ok I need a record deal Jimmy Iovine, call me early tomorrow or I'm putting out another mix tape."

Jackson later appealed for a new record deal on his official Twitter page.

"Anybody want to sign me I'm a young hungry artist and I work harder then everybody in hiphop call me tomorrow," he said.

A spokesperson for Interscope's parent company, Universal Music, declined to comment when contacted by Newsbeat.