Lady Gaga named top-earning female music star of 2011


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is the highest-earning woman in the music business, having made an estimated $90 million (£58m) over the past year, according to Forbes.

The US star was paid more than twice as much as country singer Taylor Swift, who finished second in the survey with earnings of $45 million (£29m).

Lady Gaga topped the rundown because of her multiple endorsement deals.

She also raked in an estimated $1.3 million (£841,000) in ticket sales per night from her latest world tour.

Taylor Swift earned her money from the release of her latest album Speak Now, a perfume line and other deals.

The 22-year-old finished just ahead of Katy Perry, who earned an estimated $44 million (£28m) in 2011.

Forbes drew up its list from data on pre-tax income compiled through record sales, touring data and interviews with music lawyers, managers and concert promoters.

Beyonce's 2011 income dipped to an estimated $35 million (£22m), mostly because of her relatively light touring schedule this year.

Her new album 4, a fashion line and two perfumes helped to keep her in fourth place.

Rihanna rounded out the top five, earning an estimated $29 million (£18m) from sales of her fifth album Loud and endorsements from a cosmetics company.

Adele made it into the top 10 on $18 million (£11m).

The top 10 list is as follows:

1. Lady Gaga - $90 million (£58m)

2. Taylor Swift - $45 million (£29m)

3. Katy Perry - $44 million (£28m)

4. Beyonce - $35 million (£22m)

5. Rihanna - $29 million (£18m)

6. Pink - $22 million (£14m)

7. Carrie Underwood - $20 million (£13m)

8. Celine Dion - $19 million (£12m)

9. Adele - $18 million (£11m)

10. Britney Spears, Alicia Keys - $10 million (£6m)