X Factor's Gary Barlow criticises 'sexual' music videos


Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow has criticised "sexual" imagery used in music videos, saying he tries to protect his children from watching them.

Speaking to OK! Magazine Barlow, 40, said: "When you have young children it's not to be promoted."

In the interview Barlow also suggested he felt uncomfortable with the explicit lyrics used by some pop acts.

The X Factor and Take That star has three young children, aged two, nine and 11.

'Sexual' videos

"The other day I wanted some music in the kitchen and put on one of the music TV channels and a video came on which was so rude I had to turn it off because my nine-year-old was with me," he said.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude but I don't think I really want my children who are nine, 11 and two seeing these kind of videos at that age. I'm a parent.

"I have responsibility, but I also understand these videos are sexual to attract peoples' attention.

"I have had five nine-year-olds in the back seat singing along to Black Eyed Peas songs with 'F' this, 'F' that and I'm like, 'Right, I'm stopping the car. I don't like my kids listening to swearing.'

"Luckily lyrics go over their heads for the most part."

He insisted his own band do use sexual imagery but not on the same scale as some other artists.

"Our tours and some of our songs can be dressed a little sexually but it's not too in your face."