Enchanted by Hugh? thewomanontheleft trends on Twitter


Carine Patry Hoskins
Twittter users joked that the lawyer seemed rather captivated by Hugh Grant

A lawyer at the Leveson Inquiry into media standards has unexpectedly become a point of conversation on Twitter.

Hashtag #thewomanontheleft started to trend after the woman was shown on television pictures during Monday's questioning of Hugh Grant.

Users joked that the lawyer, Carine Patry Hoskins, couldn't stop staring at the actor during his testimony.

Her appearance on the left of the picture led to a string of posts on the social networking service.

JosephCorr wrote: "#thewomanontheleft is giving some light relief to an otherwise boring hearing."

"She's enchanted, sorry I mean very interested in his (Grant's) statement." tweeted ChristinaMaroc.

However, a few people thought the attention was a bit childish and slightly ironic considering the inquiry is looking into media intrusion.

"Failing to take women seriously," tweeted VickyWoolley.

Trendsmap.com reported the hashtag had became a trending topic in the UK at 6pm on Monday.

Comedian Steve Coogan is among the witnesses appearing at the inquiry on Tuesday.

Actress Sienna Miller and Harry Potter author JK Rowling will also appear in the coming days.