Your view: Doctors say smoking should be banned in cars


Man smoking in car with child

Smoking in cars should be against the law, doctors have told the Government.

The British Medical Association (BMA) is calling on ministers to bring in the ban for health reasons rather than road safety.

Evidence suggests smoking in a closed vehicle exposes people to large amounts of harmful chemicals.

It is claimed toxin levels can be 23 times higher than in a typical smoky bar with children and the elderly said to be at particular risk.

Children absorb more pollutants than adults and their immune systems are less able to cope with the effects of second-hand smoke, according to the BMA.

Vulnerable groups may also be unable to refuse journeys in smoky vehicles.

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Simon Swarbrick - I live with Emphysema, not through smoking but through something called A1AD. Despite my best attempts to avoid second-hand smoke as it is severely harmful to me, I am not always successful, even if walking down the street. Smokers should be made to smoke where it is not possible to affect the health of others. They have the right to smoke. I and young children have the right NOT to smoke.

Helen Waddington - You're not supposed to eat, drink or use your mobile when driving. Surely smoking is also a distraction that takes your hands from the wheel alongside the poisonous chemicals you are exposing your passengers to.

Gemma Dickson - I think it should be banned from in cars, especially when others don't have a choice but to breath it all in especially when kids are involved.

Justin Cook - If I want to smoke in my car nobody is going to stop me. I'm fed up to the back teeth of the do-good brigade.

Liam Donaldson - No! If it's your car you should be allowed to do what you want in it. People say this is a free country but just lately it is not. We are getting restricted on everything and that's mainly because of the prices going up.

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Ben Rogers in Devon - I'm fed up enough of being told what I can do by the government and now I won't be able to smoke in my own car. The police won't be able to enforce.

Les in Doncaster - Stop messing with what little choice we have left. What next? Barring the obese from fast food outlets.

Em in Oxford - if you can't eat in your car or drink why are you allowed to smoke anyway? It's the same hand to mouth action leaving you not fully in control of the wheel.

Carl in Bournemouth - Why doesn't anybody realise that if it is illegal to use mobile phones or eat or drink when driving then smoking should also be made illegal? It is at least as high a risk if not higher. If hot ash drops off a cigarette into the driver's lap, how dangerous could that be?