Nightclub company Luminar closes 11 UK venues


Michael Douglas

The company behind some of the biggest clubs in the UK has closed 11 venues after going into administration.

Luminar runs 76 clubs but lost nearly £200 million in the year up to February. The company has blamed its problems on the recession and claims young people are not spending as much money going out.

Administrators are hopeful of finding someone to buy the remaining 65 venues, which have stayed open and employ 2,500 people.

The clubs to close are in Brighton, Bury St Edmunds, Basingstoke, Wigan, Hemel Hempstead, High Wycombe, Northampton, Mansfield, Redditch, Sunderland and Swindon.

So is it really getting too expensive to go to a club?

Newsbeat has been speaking to people in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, where Luminar's 'Pure/Life on Mars' club is one of the venues closing.

Michael Douglas, 24, Mechanic

Michael Douglas

"Pure was good fun but it was a bit expensive.

"It costs too much to go to a club and have a drink now. It's £3 or £4 for a bottle, when you can go down the shop and buy a can for £1.

"If they dropped their prices they'd be all right."

William Edwards, 22, Student

William Edwards

William stopped going to Pure: "It was a bit run down and if you turned up after 10.30 you were paying a fiver to get in.

"Monday night used to be the big one at Pure, but students tend to go out on Wednesday and Friday, so it reached the point that by Monday they had nothing left."

Bianca Lichfield, 20, Cleaner

Bianca Lichfield

Bianca had a different reason for not going to Pure: "I was barred because I got too drunk, so I didn't go there much any more.

"I go out occasionally but not too often because it is very expensive. I'd rather stay in and have a drink."

Lauren Wainwright, 18, Student

Lauren Wainwright

Lauren won't miss Pure: "It was £5 to get in. I only went once and it was rubbish."

She tends to drink at her friend's houses instead, but says: "People pre-drink but they'll still go out and buy drinks in a club.

"We can't spend all night in (friend) Leanne's house. She hasn't got good enough tunes!"