American-style sugar daddy parties 'are coming to UK'


Girls taking part in sugar daddy night

At first you could only find them on dating websites, now there are big budget sugar daddy parties.

The events are becoming a regular fixture in New York with the company behind them planning to introduce them in the UK.

At one event near Times Square the club is sold out and the dancefloor is lined with men, most of them over 40.

They're far outnumbered by the number of young women.

The night starts when organiser Alan Schneider makes an announcement on the microphone.

"Men, you know what to do," he says. "Women, receive their generosity. We will touch you with passion and fire all night long."

At these parties, any couples who get together usually come to what is formally called "an arrangement".

Often that will be as simple as the man buying expensive gifts for his partner or paying her a certain amount of money each time they meet.

'Step forward'

Many women there say they have a price that they're not willing to negotiate below.

Often it's as high as $500 (£313) per date.

Mandy is 24 and this is her first time to a sugar daddy party.

A lot of these women here tonight may be very wealthy but they want to feel like ladies and to be with a man who can provide for them
Alan Schneider
Sugar daddy

"I'm looking to find a boyfriend who's willing to help me out with what I'm doing right now," she says. "Like a regular boyfriend but richer.

"I'm studying at the moment and college is expensive. It works well for me if I start dating a guy who I know can take care of me financially so I no longer have to worry."

Alan Schneider, who's a sugar daddy himself, believes the economic crisis in the US is one of the reasons parties like this are becoming more popular.

"Traditional relationships of men being the provider and women being the caretaker of the family are coming back now," he says. "They're coming back because of the economy."

He denies there is anything sexist about that.

"I don't think we're taking a step backward with these parties," he insists. "We're taking a step forward.

"A lot of these women here tonight may be very wealthy but they want to feel like ladies and to be with a man who can provide for them."

The company behind these events now say they want to bring them to the UK. As yet there are no specific details about when or where though.


One of the major criticisms about these events is that they are simply a form of prostitution.

Alan Schneider disagrees.

"No, it's not," he says.

Monique Anderson
Image caption Monique has already had one sugar daddy and is looking for another

"It's an understanding between both parties as adults to move forward at an introductory level that there's going to be compensation.

"Personally, I never offer money in the beginning.

"If a woman comes to me and says 'I need $5,000 (£3,136) to continue the relationship' then we're done."

Monique is there tonight with her friend.

She's already had one relationship with a sugar daddy and denies it's all about the money.

"I'm looking to advance myself to the next level," she admits. "It's not just about the money, it's about what a successful person can do for you.

"It's almost an inspirational thing."