Facebook revamp: You give us your views


Facebook has announced big changes to the way its website works.

It's done deals with film studios and music sites like Spotify which will change the way users listen to music and watch movies.

Facebook is facing competition from other sites like Google+ and Twitter.

Profile pages will change over the next few weeks with the introduction of a Timeline which will, depending on your privacy settings, show everything you've ever done on the site.

We asked some of you what you think about the revamp.

Alex Cooper, 27

Alex Cooper
Image caption Alex Cooper

"I think it's a really good idea.

"I'm not particularly technical so I'll have to get used to it but I think it's a really good idea it's taking on Google.

"Everyone complains about the changes every time they change it but everyone gets used to it and gets happy with the changes."

Natasha Rungassany, 31

Natasha Rungassany
Image caption Natasha Rungassany

"I work in internet advertising and so there's a massive part of me that goes thinks this is great.

"On the flip side I'm a Facebook users myself and I kind of find it irritating.

"There are so many adverts... so it's kind of taking away from the essence of Facebook.

"It's changing completely, everything changes but I think Facebook needs to rein it in a bit.

"It's just becoming a big money making machine.

"It changes so fast and I only log in once a weekend.

"I find it really awkward to try and find things so it's slightly putting me off using it."

Natalie Kurukegy, 28

Natalie Kurukegy
Image caption Natalie Kurukegy

"I go on Facebook less because it keeps changing and it gets more annoying to figure out what you're doing.

"Yesterday I was on Facebook at work and all these pop ups came on and I just got irritated by them all so I logged off.

"I had lunch at my desk so I thought I'd log on but just got irritated and decided to read Grazia instead.

"I think Facebook is great for social networking and I think it should just stay as it is.

"There are all these other ways of sharing music and other sites you can use for movie purposes so i don't know why it's trying to branch out when really it started of as friends social networking and it should just stay true to its roots."

Sally-Anne Nelson, 23

Sally Anne Nelson
Image caption Sally Anne Nelson

"If they [Facebook] do it right it could be a good thing.

"But they change it way too often that is confuses me too much.

"It annoys me, it really annoys me until I get to grips with it but it's just getting used it.

"But I'm a creature of habit and i like things to stay the same.

"But if it's done right it'll be good, especially with Spotify because I'm a fan of Spotify."

Darryll Braier-Lorimer, 16

"I think it's good that it keeps changing because you've got competitors now like Google+ that are going to try and get ahead of Facebook so Facebook's got to try and change things to stay ahead of the game.

"It makes it more accessible.

"Facebook's becoming more than just about updating your status, when you add things like music and film it becomes like a second life.

"Not many people I know have joined Google+ but it's such a huge company they've got to be able to provide decent competition for Facebook."