From working in a job centre to signing on the dole


Adam Lewis

At home on a Wednesday afternoon, with just his budgie Baldrick for company, Adam Lewis is applying for jobs.

The 24-year-old from Nottingham had been working at a job centre, helping unemployed people find work, when his own temporary contract wasn't renewed.

He's blaming government cutbacks: "I feel incredibly let down by what the government's doing now.

"To lose your job in what you think, sadly, is a boom industry, is disappointing."

Newlywed Adam is now signing on and claiming about £55 a week.

To lose your job in what you think, sadly, is a boom industry, is disappointing
Adam Lewis

"I used to come to work in trousers, shirt and a tie, now I'm going in wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

"Sitting the other side of the desk is very odd."

The government is pushing ahead cuts to public spending, saying this is vital to get the UK's economy back on track.

All the main political parties agree that cuts need to be made to reduce Britain's deficit, but Labour is worried that doing this too quickly may push the UK back into a recession.

Adam has been unemployed for just over a month: "It's scary. You see the number of people coming in each day to sign with you, and you see how few jobs there are out there.

"For people like myself who've worked hard but now find themselves out of work - it's a shock to the system and it can be very demoralising."

It's been suggested the government may pump £5 billion into the economy for road, rail and broadband projects, to boost growth.

Adam isn't convinced: "I think there are better ways of spending that money. I'm not a builder, I'm an office worker. I can't go out and lay a road or build a railway."