Kutcher causes ratings jump for US TV show


Ashton Kutcher with Two and a Half Men co-stars Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones.
Ashton Kutcher with Two and a Half Men co-stars Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones.

Ashton Kutcher's debut pulled in record audiences for the new series of Two and a Half Men on CBS.

Nearly 28 million people discovered the fate of the character Charlie Harper after Charlie Sheen's exit.

Kutcher has taken over the lead. He plays an internet billionaire who moves into Harper's house and likes to walk around naked.

The viewing figures more than double last year's opener and exceed any episode in the first eight seasons.


Reviews for Kutcher's debut were kind.

Entertainment Weekly's Ken Tucker said: "Kutcher's performance was good, nearly as poker-faced fine as Sheen's was ... Kutcher will probably prove just as skilled."

The Los Angeles Times wrote that: "Kutcher brings a softness to a series that could be brittle and temperamentally middle-aged."

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen

On Comedy Central in the US 6.4 million people watched Charlie Sheen's sex life, drug use and recent career meltdown draw laughter. His TV roast featured fellow celebrities including "Jackass" stuntman Steve-O and former boxer Mike Tyson.

Charlie Sheen was the highest-paid actor on U.S. television before being fired in March after insulting the show's creators and producers following months of partying and attempts at rehab.

Sheen and Warner Bros are said to be close to a settlement of the actor's $100m (£63.85m) lawsuit over his sacking.

Sheen has also made a number of recent appearances including the recent Emmy Awards show.