Kelis 'racially abused' by a British man in Spain



R&B star Kelis has claimed she was racially abused by a British man and claimed "racial issues in the UK are disgusting."

It was thought this happened at a UK airport until the star clarified things on twitter, writing that she flew from Gatwick to Spain following her performance at Bestival on the Isle of Wight.

Before the correction, officials from the Home Office said they wouldn't investigate as they hadn't received a complaint from the singer.

She wrote that at passport control she had been criticised by a "50-year-old man" after she jumped the queue.

She claimed the man had called her a "slave" and a "disgusting Nigerian".

Kelis said she was also called "Kunta Kinte" - a black character from Alex Haley's slavery novel Roots.

The 32-year-old singer continued: "I didn't say anything at the time of the riots in London for a lot of reasons.

"It's [the UK] racially decades behind progression because everything is swept under the rug. People don't talk about it.

"People don't fight about it. Not mentioning a problem doesn't make it go away."

Best known for tracks like Milkshake and Acapella Kelis has had 10 top ten singles in the UK.