The Inbetweeners deny a film sequel is already planned


Cast of The Inbetweeners

The co-writer of The Inbetweeners Movie has rubbished reports that a sequel to the hit TV show and film is already being planned.

Reports in some papers had suggested that a sequel was already being prepared and would take place four years after the first film as the leads were re-united for Neil Sutherland's stag party and wedding.

The spin-off film from the E4 programme recorded the biggest ever opening for a UK-produced comedy, according to industry paper Screen Daily.

It also enjoyed the second biggest debut so far this year in the UK and Ireland, behind the final Harry Potter film.

Co-writer Iain Morris denied the reports, writing on Twitter, "First I've heard of it...Honestly, we haven't even talked about it. It's our first day in today. I've been drunk for a month."

Blake Harrison, who plays Neil in the series, added, "I know nothing about a 2nd Inbetweeners film. I wouldn't believe everything you read... except Star Wars novels... they really happened."

Morris later joked with Harrison over the reports saying, "You're not in it. We've filmed it. An 'insider' from 'the studio' told me."

The stars of The Inbetweeners previously told Newsbeat the film felt like "the end of the show" but did leave room open for further adventures.

Simon Bird, who plays Will in the E4 show, said the cast didn't expect the show to continue after the film.

"The writers have told us that this wraps everything up and it feels like an ending to us, but never say never I suppose," he said.