David Walliams a 'challenge' to work with in Doctor Who


David Walliams and Karen Gillan in Doctor Who

Karen Gillan says she found it an amusing challenge working with comedian and actor David Walliams in a new episode of Doctor Who.

The Little Britain actor plays a "submissive" alien mole called Gibbis in a forthcoming storyline called The God Complex.

The 23-year-old, who plays Amy Pond, says she couldn't stop laughing on set.

"He is so funny," she said. "It's hard working with David Walliams because he is constantly making you laugh."

The second half of the new Doctor Who series is back on BBC One at the end of the month with an episode called Let's Kill Hitler.

Co-star Arthur Darvill plays her long-suffering husband Rory.

Talking about the first episode of the next part of the present series, he said: "It is the best episode that Doctor Who could have done during the Second World War. It's brilliant."

Karen Gillan added: "There was a bit of controversy surrounding the whole Hitler thing. Actually when people watch it they will find it funny."

Fruity business

The second half of this year's series will also feature another guest appearance by James Corden, who returns as Craig Owens.

The comedian originally appeared alongside the Time Lord last year in an episode called The Lodger.

I love the element of surprise especially for a show like Doctor Who which raises so many questions and then has a payoff. Spoilers are the devil
Karen Gillan

There was a pause after seven episodes because writer Steven Moffat had other commitments writing Sherlock Holmes.

The new season opens with Amy and Rory finding out that they are River Song's parents, who's played by 48-year-old Alex Kingston.

"It is a bit mad being parents to someone you already know and is older than you," said Arthur Darvill.

"It's a bit weird. Imagine if that actually happened. How much would that mess with your head?"

Having got married on the show, the pair were keen to point out that there will be no kissing and cuddling between them in Doctor Who.

Karen Gillan said: "We are not going to see any of that fruity business in the Tardis. Oh god no."

The team say they work hard to make sure none of the plots are released early and say they hate the spoilers that are released online.

"I love the element of surprise, especially for a show like Doctor Who which raises so many questions and then has a pay-off," said Karen Gillan. "Spoilers are the devil."

The new series of Dr Who starts on BBC One on 27 August.