Clean-up starts after rioting and looting across London


Volunteers in Clapham Junction, London

People across the country have started cleaning up the mess left after nights of rioting and looting.

The clean-up groups have been organised via Facebook and Twitter.

People came together across London and in Liverpool to help businesses who have had windows smashed in and stock stolen.

Clapham Junction in south London was attacked on Monday night.

Many shops were looted and left with smashed windows and empty stock rooms.

James Wilcombe, 31, Royal Navy officer and lives in Clapham

James Wilcombe

He said: "I saw this on Facebook so I came down to get involved. I now seem to be organising it.

"There is so many people here, there are more here now than there were destroying the place on Monday night.

"There were 12 of us this morning. Now there are several hundred.

"The community needs to prove that it's not about the thugs."

Katie, 17, lives in Islington, north London


She said: "I wanted to come to help clean up because we need to show that not all young people are the perpetrators.

"I'm putting a bin bag over this smashed window to try to stop it falling.

"It's all smashed up but non-shattered glass so looks like it would all fall off. This shop is pretty much trashed inside.

"If it happens again tonight then we'll clean tomorrow. If it happens then we'll clean it up again."

Part of the area in Clapham remained closed off by police who were still investigating it as a crime scene.

Most of the shops around were closed. Many businesses were giving out free drinks or snacks to the people helping clean up.

Carl Debono and Steven Searle live in Clapham

Carl Debono and Steven Searle

"I don't support what they've done," they said. "I understand their anger but I don't support how they're taking it out.

"Someone I know got caught in a fire which was above a shop round the corner.

"It's not right people I know live there.

"If you're gonna attack somewhere don't attack your own places.

"I got love for them, I got love for all of them but I don't understand the way they act.

"You cant be going out on the street and thinking you're any better off for it.

"If you're gonna ransack something go ransack something which doesn't affect your own people.

"You wouldn't go in your own house and kick your bins over."